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Mock Draft


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Last updated: 4/19/02

         Team                              Player                 Position     College

1.  Houston Texans              David Carr                    QB      Fresno St
The Texans have already verbally committed to Carr.
2.  Carolina Panthers             Julius Peppers                DE      North Carolina
The Panthers will explore other options, but Peppers has too much talent to pass up.
3.  Detroit Lions                    Quentin Jammer             CB      Texas
Lions wanted to move down but couldn't get a fair deal.
4.  Buffalo Bills                     Albert Haynesworth        DT      Tennessee
Bills love his upside.  Should mature with age..
5.  San Diego Chargers          Bryant McKinnie              OT      Miami
Would have liked Jammer to fall to them, but won't cry about getting McKinnie.
6.  Dallas Cowboys                 Roy Williams                   S      Oklahoma
Cowboys couldn't pass on this phenomenal athelete.
7.  Minnesota Vikings              Mike Williams                OT      Texas
Being a former OL coach, Mike Tice knows talent when he sees it.
8.  Kansas City Chiefs            Ryan Sims                DT     North Carolina
Sims has emerged out of the shadow of his Tar Heel teammate Peppers.
*9.  Oakland Raiders               John Henderson            DT      Tennessee
Raiders had to trade up and secure one of the Big 4 DTs.  (Gave Jax 2-first rounders)
*10.  New England Patriots     William Green                 RB      Boston College
Patriots trade Drew Bledsoe and 1st round pick for Bengals 1st rounder.
11.  Indianapolis Colts            Wendell Bryant         DT      Wisconsin
Dungy is hoping to find another DT like Warren Sapp.
12.  Arizona Cardinals            Kalimba Edwards              DE      South Carolina
Kalimba will provide the pass rush Simeon Rice used to.
13.  New Orlean Saints           Philip Buchanon               CB      Miami
Saints were thinking WR until Buchanon fell to them.
14.  Tennessee Titans            Dante Stallworth            WR      Tennessee        
Titans get the deep threat they needed.
15.  New York Giants              Jeremy Shockey              TE      Miami
G-men decided to get the best pass catching TE and wait until later rounds to draft OT.
16.  Cleveland Browns            T.J. Duckett                    RB      Michigan State
After losing out on Ricky Williams, Butch Davis turned his attention towards Duckett.
17.  Atlanta Falcolns               Ashley Lelie                      WR      Hawaii
Falcolns will surround Vick with talent.
18.  Washington Redskins      Joey Harrington                QB      Oregon
Redskins almost traded up to get Harrington, but are excited he fell to them.
19.  Denver Broncos              Jabar Gaffney                   WR      Florida
Gaffney will provide the Broncos with insurance in case McCaffrey and Moore can't return.
20.  Seattle Seahawks          Daniel Graham                   TE      Colorado
Team wanted to address TE position in Free Agency but lost out on Shannon Sharpe.
*21.  Jacksonville Jaguars     Eddie Freeman                  DT      Alabama-Birm.
Freeman has shot up draft boards.  He'll team with last year's 1st rounder Stroud and dominate middle of D-line.
22.  New York Jets               Napoleon Harris                  LB      Northwestern
Taking a DT here would be a reach so team addressed another need.
*23.  Jacksonville Jaguars    Levi Jones                          OT      Arizona State
Team is happy to address both lines by trading out of #9 spot.
24.  Baltimore Ravens         Lito Sheppard                      CB      Florida
After roster cleaning the Ravens need to take the best defender left on the board.
25.  New Orlean Saints         Antonio Bryant                  WR      Pittsburgh
Badboy reputation doesn't scare off the Saints.  Bryant could have been first WR taken.
26.  Philadelphia Eagles       Charles Grant          DE          Georgia    
Andy Reid wanted more speed on DL and got a ton of it.
27.  San Francisco 49ers      Andre Gurode                   OG      Colorado
Should be a top 15 talent but plays OG, OGs always drop on Draft Day.
28.  Green Bay Packers       Mike Pearson                    OT      Florida
Packers want to prevent Brett Favre from getting knocked on his face.
29.  Chicago Bears              Dwight Freeney                  DE      Syracuse
Bears aren't worried about Freeney's size, they love his speed and tenacity.
30.  Pittsburgh Steelers       Ed Reed                             S      Miami
Steelers didn't expect Reed to fall to them.
31.  St. Louis Rams             Marc Colombo                   OT      Boston College
The Rams wanted to address WR but there was a run on OTs and team didn't want to miss out.
*32.  Cincinnati Bengals       Toniu Fonti                       OG      Nebraska
Now that they have Bledsoe, they will have to get some protection for him.
*Projected Trades*
New England trades Bledsoe and #32 pick for Cincinnati #10 pick.
Oakland trades picks #21 and #23 for Jacksonville #9 pick.
33.  Houston Texans                Robert Thomas              LB      UCLA
Texans need another starting LB for their 3-4 defense.(Prior pick-David Carr)
34.  Carolina Panthers             Mike Rumph                  CB      Miami
Carolina lost both starting CBs.(Julius Peppers)
35.  Detroit Lions                    Bryan Thomas                   DE      Alabama-Birm.
(Quentin Jammer)
36.  Buffalo Bills                      Lamont Thompson              S       Washington St
(Albert Haynesworth)
37.  Dallas Cowboys                Josh Reed                      WR      LSU
Ultra productive WR carried a 1st Round grade.(Roy Williams)
38.  Minnesota Vikings             Anthony Weaver            DE      Notre Dame
Vikings fill one more hole on their DL.(Mike Williams)
39.  San Diego Chargers          Roosevelt Williams          CB      Tuskegee
(Bryant McKinnie)
40.  Jacksonville Jaguars          Javon Walker                 WR      FSU
Should provide Jags with needed depth, size, speed.(Eddie Freeman, Levi Jones)
41.  Cincinnati Bengals             Jerramy Stevens             TE      Washington
This will give Bengals a big target in the middle.(Toniu Fonoti)
42.  Indianapolis Colts             Alex Brown                      DE      Florida
Coach Dungy loves prospects from Florida schools.(Wendell Bryant)
43.  Kansas City Chiefs            Levar Fisher                     LB      North Carolina St
Chiefs lost out on Warrick Holdman.(Ryan Simms)
44.  New Orleans Saints          Deshaun Foster                 RB      UCLA
Foster will be a nice back up for last year's 1st rounder McCallister.(Philip Buchanon, Antonio Bryant)
45.  Tennessee Titans             Larry Tripplett                DT      Washington
(Dante Stallworth)
46.  New York Giants              Kendall Simmons               OG      Auburn
Simmons may be talented enough to play OG or OT.(Jeremy Shockey)
47. Cleveland Browns             Terrence Metcalf                OG      Mississippi
Metcalf is the highest rated OL left on the board.(T.J. Duckett)
48.  San Diego Chargers         Chris Hope                         S       FSU
Hope will reunite with former FSU teammate Tay Cody.  They played well together in college.(McKinnie, R.Williams)
49.  Arizona Cardinals              Clinton Portis                    RB      Miami          
Portis will compete with Thomas Jones for the vacant starting job.(Kalimba Edwards)
50.  Houston Texans                Marquise Walker               WR      Michigan
David Carr is all smiles with the addition of Walker.(Carr, R. Thomas)
51.  Denver Broncos                Nate Dwyer                       DT      Kansas
(Jabar Gaffney)
52.  Washington Redskins       Reche Caldwell                  WR      Florida
Reche will be a familiar face in Spurrier's offense.(Joey Harrington)
53.  Oakland Raiders               Keyou Craver                     CB      Nebraska
Eric Allen is considering retirement.(John Henderson)
54.  Seattle Seahawks             Alan Harper                       DT      Fresno State
(Daniel Graham)
55.  Oakland Raiders                Victor Rogers                    OT      Colorado
(John Henderson, Keyou Craver)
56.  Baltimore Ravens              Andre Davis                      WR      Virginia Tech
(Lito Sheppard)
57.  New York Jets                    Dorsett Davis                    DT      Mississippi St
Jets finally get their DT.(Napoleon Harris)
58.  Philadelphia Eagles            Trev Faulk                        LB      LSU
After releasing Trotter, LB became a huge need.(Charles Grant)
59.  Philadelphia Eagles            Rashad Bauman               CB      Oregon (Bryan Thomas, Trev Faulk)
60.  Green Bay Packers            Saleem Rasheed                 LB      Alabama 
(Mike Pearson)
61.  San Francisco 49ers           Michael Lewis                 S       Colorado
Could be an opening day starter.(Andre Gurode)
62.  Pittsburgh Steelers            Kevin Thomas                    CB      UNLV
(Ed Reed)
63.  Chicago Bears                    Darnell Sanders                  TE      Ohio State
(Dwight Freeney)
64.  St. Louis Rams                   Derek Ross                        CB      Ohio State
Aeneas Williams can only cover one side of the field.  Rams fix that by taking Ross.(Marc Colombo)
65.  New England Patriots          Andra Davis                       LB      Florida
Davis posted good numbers at Florida Pro Day.(William Green)
Round 3
66.  Houston Texans                Doug Jolley                         TE      BYU
Houston continues to stock offense.(David Carr, Robert Thomas, Marquise Walker)
67.  Carolina Panthers              Rocky Calmus                     LB      Oklahoma
(Julius Peppers, Mike Rumph)
68.  Detroit Lions                     Lamar Gordon                     RB      N. Dakota State
Gordon may push for a starting job.(Quentin Jammer, Bryan Thomas)
69.  Buffalo Bills                     Rohan Davey                     QB      LSU
(Albert Haynesworth, Lamont Thompson)
70.  Minnesota Vikings              Ron Johnson                       WR     Minnesota
Ron Johnson has been impressing Minnesota fans for years.(Mike Williams, Anthony Weaver)
71.  San Diego Chargers           Josh Thornhill                      LB      Michigan State
(Bryant McKinnie, Roosevelt Williams, Chris Hope)
72.  Dallas Cowboys                 Mike Echols                        CB      Wisconsin
Will provide Dallas with insurance in case Westbrook can't come back from injury.(Williams, J. Reed)
73.  Cincinnati Bengals              John Shaw                        DT      Michigan State
(Fonoti, Stevens)
74.  Indianapolis Colts               Fred Weary                       OG      Tennessee
(Wendell Bryant, Alex Brown)
75.  Kansas City Chiefs              Cliff Russell                       WR      Utah
(Ryan Sims, Levar Fisher)
76.  Jacksonville Jaguars            LeCharles Bentley              C       Ohio State
Finishing touches for the OL.(Eddie Freeman, Levi Jones, Javon Walker)
77.  Tennessee Titans                 Ed "Pig" Prather                S       Mississippi St.
Dante Stallworth, Larry Tripplett)
78.  New York Giants                  Ramon Walker                 S       Pittsburgh
(Jeremy Shockey, Kendall Simmons)
79.  Cleveland Browns                Matt Hill                              OT      Boise State
(T.J. Duckett, Terrence Metcalf)
80.  Atlanta Falcons                    James Allen                     LB      Oregon State
Most of teams LBs are free agents.(Ashley Lelie)
81.  Arizona Cardinals                Patrick Ramsey                QB      Tulane
Time has just about run out for QB Jake Plummer.(Kalimba Edwards, Clinton Portis)
82.  New Orleans Saints             Willie Overstreet              DE      Tennessee
(Philip Buchanon, Antonio Bryant, Deshaun Foster)
83.  Houston Texans                   Dennis Johnson                DE      Kentucky 
Dom Capers can't believe Dennis Johnson is still on the board.(Carr, Thomas, Walker, Jolley)
84.  St. Louis Rams                     Tim Carter                     WR      Auburn
Tim Carter is FAST.  He scorched the tracks during the Combine.(Colombo, Ross)
85.  Denver Broncos                    Forfeit
Salary Cap violations(Jabar Gaffney, Nate Dwyer)
86.  Seattle Seahawks                 Langston Walker              OT      California
(Daniel Graham, Alan Harper)
87.  Tampa Bay Bucs                   Chester Pitts                    OG      San Diego St.
After the John Gruden trade this will be the Bucs first pick.
88.  Baltimore Ravens                 Ryan Denny              DE      BYU
(Lito Sheppard, Andre Davis)
89.  New York Jets                       John McGraw                   S       Kansas State
(Napoleon Harris, Dorsett Davis)
90.  Oakland Raiders                   Kahlil Hill                        WR      Iowa
(John Henderson, Craver, Rogers)
91.  Miami Dolphins                     Seth McKinney                 C       Texas A & M
Dolphins finally get a Center after missing out on a couple in Free Agency.
92.  Philadelphia Eagles               Joaquin Gonzalez        OT      Miami, Fl
(Grant, Faulk, Bauman)
93.  San Francisco 49ers             Forfeit
Salary cap violations(Andre Gurode, Michael Lewis)
94.  Green Bay Packers                    Luke Staley        RB                  BYU
(Mike Pearson, Saleem Rasheed)
95.  Chicago Bears                      Ben Leber                   LB      Kansas St.
(Dwight Freeney, Darrell Sanders)
96.  Pittsburgh Steelers               Robert Royal                   TE      LSU
(Ed Reed, Thomas)
97.  St. Louis Rams                     Antwaan Randle-El          QB/WR      Indiana
Rams take 2 WRs back to back in hopes of finding one.(Marc Colombo, Derek Ross, Tim Carter)
98.  New England Patriots            D.D. Lewis                LB      Texas
(Green, Davis)
99.  Buffalo Bills                          Jon Wells                         RB      Ohio State
(Haynesworth, Thompson, Davey)
100. Arizona Cardinals                Monsanto Pope         DT               Virginia
(Kalimba Edwards, Clinton Portis, Patrick Ramsey)